In the Game of Retirement Planning

In the Game of Retirement Planning

We have the winning game plan to maximize your annual Retirement Income WHENEVER THAT INEVITABLY OCCURS!

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<br />Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

In this CRITICAL Area much thought is given the Accumulation of dollars and very little to no consideration as to how it should be taken in the form of Retirement Income when that time comes.

As result Retirees are forced into basically one of two "default" positions which are both very inefficient. The absolute fact is that at age 45 you will very likely spend one half of the rest of your life in Retirement.  THINK ABOUT IT!!

Think "Turnover" running the last play for the game winning basket. 

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Joe B. Hall, Ex University of Kentucky Head Basketball Coach and Member of the NABC Hall of Fame.

Jim has been my Agent and a friend I trust for years.  He really knows his business and you can trust him and benefit from meeting him.

Glenn I. Moore, MD

Jim has been working with me since I started my Career. He helped me get started with my Retirement Planning to include my 401k, Rollover IRAs and other Retirement Tools. Finally, he made sure they were coordinated properly so that I got the maximum return from them.

His advice as to coordinating my Retirement Planning, Life Insurance, Annuities and Investing in general worked out perfectly for me.  It was stress free and I would recommend him highly to anyone interested in these areas.

(An Excerpt from an article -NOT A PAID AD- taken from the Sunday Lexington (KY) Herald-Leader Business Page)

Jim McGary is an unusual Insurance Agent -Perhaps the most unusual in town.

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